My Weekend

I had a very busy weekend!

First, I’d like to thank my webmaster/brother extraordinaire who helped  transferred my blog platform for me because I’m mostly technologically incompetent. I’m very pleased with the changes (most of which are behind the scenes) although I’m still learning the new system and may have to tweak things a little. For example, I have no idea if my subscriber list managed to transfer over or how to check if that was the case or not. Sigh. To the Google!

Second, I ACTUALLY GOT TO MEET LINDSAY BUROKER! My little fangirl self just about died of joy. I have to say that she was very kind and gracious throughout our chat, and is just as fun to hang out with as you would expect from her writing. Seriously, how often in your lifetime do you get to meet one of your favorite authors of all time over drinks from Starbucks? For a reminder of why I was so excited to meet her, see my review of her Emperor’s Edge series here

So, all in all, it was a VERY good weekend.

2 thoughts on “My Weekend

    • lectorsbooks says:

      Thanks! As you may have gathered from the post, I’m just a leeeetle bit excited about it all. 😀

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