Blog Update

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013

As regular readers will be aware, the site has recently undergone quite a few changes. First, I switched from a free blogging platform to a paid hosting site in order to add affiliate links. Well, that backfired on me in a big way. It’s a long, boring story about the greed of politicians and big companies, but the bottom line is that Amazon has banned Colorado from participating in their affiliate program. This I knew, but until recently there had been a work around. Amazon, being the clever folks they are, closed the loophole, which I DIDN’T know, so that means my Amazon affiliate links…don’t actually affiliate (by far the vast majority of traffic out of the site is to the Amazon pages). I have decided to leave them in for now a) as a courtesy to my readers and b) in the hopes that soon Amazon will reinstate their Colorado affiliate program (there is currently legislation wending its way through the CO state government that might help). All my other links still affiliate though. This leads to the second change, which is the creation of the Lector’s Books Store, which I’m REALLY excited about. (By the way, If you see any of the designs there that you like and want to see them customized or on different products, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!) I’m hoping that will replace some of the lost income from the Amazon links and I can cover my costs for running the blog. So, I know the question on everyone’s mind is: how can I support the site? Well, not really, but I’m pretending.

  1. Keep reading! Otherwise instead of being a crazy lady talking to other people in public, I’m just a crazy lady talking to myself in public.
  2. All other things being equal, if you decide to buy any of the books or movies mentioned, please consider getting them from Barnes & Noble. I know, I have a Kindle too (though I was seriously considering switching to a Nook to show my Displeasure, with a capital D, with Amazon). But if you were thinking of buying a physical book or movie, and the prices are equal, buying it through Barnes & Noble helps the site. You get free express shipping if you are a member.
  3. Check out  my store! I appreciate everyone who has done so!

So that’s enough navel-gazing/complaining for a while. I’m hoping that this will be the last meta-blog post for a very long time. No news, as they say, tends to be good news.

I wanted to say again, that I appreciate everyone who stops in to read and/or comment – fellow book lovers really are the best!