Short Christmas Mystery

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013

Last night, my mom and I watched The Theft of the Royal Ruby to help get us in the Christmas spirit. It’s a perfect Christmas moment for those of you who like a little crime, and a little 1930’s England thrown in with your “bah, humbugs!”

The Theft of the Royal Ruby is available to watch on both Netflix  (Series 3, Episode 9) and Amazon Instant View (currently free for Prime members), and is part of David Suchet’s fantastic Agatha Christie’s Poirot series.

It’s really fun – Poirot’s quiet Christmas plans are interrupted by a spoiled prince, a stolen ruby, and a plum pudding – and it’s only a TV hour, so you’ll still have time to wrap presents afterwards.

I’m having trouble finding a rating for it, but there’s no language, no sex, and there is only one scene that might be a bit scary for children: a girl is found outside with a knife through her back, and quite a bit of blood. This sounds much scarier than it is, but if you’re not sure about whether your children would find it disturbing, I’d recommend previewing it first (as is always a good idea!). But it is really quite tame and civilized.

What are your favorite Christmas mystery TV shows/movies?

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