Family Fridays – The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013

Book: The Snowy Day (1962)

Genre: Children’s Picture Books

Ages: 3+


No book has captured the magic and sense of possibility of the first snowfall better than The Snowy Day. Universal in its appeal, the story has become a favorite of millions, as it reveals a child’s wonder at a new world, and the hope of capturing and keeping that wonder forever.


I won’t promise that this will be the last wintery book I post, but it will be the last for a while, and we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming (whatever that is). I absolutely love this book, and couldn’t miss the opportunity to recommend it. The joy and excitement Peter feels about his snowy adventures are contagious, and will make you and your little ones want to get out and play in the snow, too.

The age categories I saw online suggested 3+ years, but it’s worth reading to younger kids as well. If I catch my wiggly one-year-old in the right mood, we can make it all the way through (it is fairly long for the baby/toddler age range) and I think it’s always worth trying books that are aimed a bit older to stretch their minds. Also, it helps keep you from going insane as you read the same, 5-sentence picture books over and over and over.

This book ranked as one of the “must-buys” for me while I was pregnant, and makes a fun gift for a fall/winter baby shower (or anytime, really). Snuggle up with some hot chocolate and your little ones and read all about Peter’s fun day in the snow!

Is this book part of your library? What are your favorite winter books?

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