Happy March!

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014

For the two of you out there who follow my blog, you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. My son and I both had a pretty bad cold, then we had family visiting, and the day after they left, we left on a trip of our own for a few days. So it was a crazy couple of weeks. I think the worst thing about having a cold is the amount of awfulness you feel vs. the amount of wimpiness you feel for suffering as much as you do. “Oh, it’s just a cold.” NO! It feels like you’re probably not going to die, but you’re not at all sure that that’s a good thing. Anyways, I’m mostly over it, though the whining continues. Side note: when we lived in Aberdeen, I learned about a great word the Scots have for complaining: whinging. I love it.

Another random update: I’ve changed my 2014 reading challenge on GoodReads from 214 books to 100. I had planned on including board books and baby/toddler books in the number, but in terms of practicality, it was just too diificult to keep track of and enter the books I was reading. I’ll read anywhere between 5-20 of those books a day to my toddler, and it was just too much work to keep track of what I’d entered or what I hadn’t entered. So, 100 books instead of 214, but “real books” only. According to GR, I’m 3 books ahead of schedule as of the end of February. Yay!

How are your 2014 reading goals coming along?