Family Fridays – I Kissed the Baby

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014

Book: I Kissed the Baby (2003) by Mary Murphy

Category/Age: Picture Book (Younger)


It’s so exciting! News of the baby is buzzing from animal to animal, with each one — fish, bird, squirrel, insect, frog — boasting of seeing, feeding, singing to, tickling, and kissing the tiny little thing. With bold, graphic black-and-white illustrations, Mary Murphy’s simple, singsong story captures the giddy commotion that only a baby can bring.


Because I am a nerd, I love it when books for kids – including babies – have some educational value. This board book is aimed at young babies, with a mostly black and white style, with some pops of color. But, it includes something for each of the five senses, which I think is cool. Plus, when you’re reading it for the 5,000th time (it’s a board book, so you WILL end up reading it approximately that many times) you can add in hand motions or asides talking about the different senses.

Speakin of asides, I think the best boards have enough text that you don’t have to make up your own words (books that have hardly any text at all are difficult to read), but are rich enough image-wise that you can add in your own comments or things to talk about if you can’t handle just reading it straight ONE MORE TIME!

Anyways, this is a cute and charming book, and maybe the best part of it is the page where the momma kisses her baby again – be sure to take full advantage of that, complete with loud kissy sound effects.

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