Review of A Fine Romance (2013) by Susan Branch

Bottom line: A peaceful armchair journey for a rainy afternoon.

Rating: Recommended If you’re in the mood for a vicarious wander through southern England.


The full title of this book is, “A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside” and you will do just that, I promise you. For anyone who has been to England, this book is like one long nostalgic sigh. You get to travel along with the author through her handwritten and illustrated journal, enjoying the English countryside. Of course, it will stoke your wanderlust, if you are of that type, and you may have to remind yourself, “Self, if you went to England, it would NOT be via the Queen Mary 2, and you would be taking a toddler and an infant on at least two plane rides of 12 hours, and would most likely be staying in hostels with said young children.” But it’s nice to dream anyways, and A Fine Romance is a lovely dream. Best read with a nice cuppa and a biscuit or two.

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4 thoughts on “Review of A Fine Romance (2013) by Susan Branch

  1. Beth Hennings says:

    Susan Branch and her husband did exactly the sort of meandering literary tour of England I dream of doing when my husband retires. I, however, plan to fly non-stop from Houston to London, and take a LOT fewer bags than 12! This is a delightful book, guaranteed to make one homesick for the UK.

  2. Beth Hennings says:

    P.S. One doesn’t need to take an electric kettle and tea to England, because ANY place one stays will have a kettle and tea bags in the room!

  3. lectorsbooks says:

    It IS a perfect rainy day book! And I really did laugh out loud at the author taking her own tea to England. At least she did realize it was ridiculous.

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