Tools of the Trade: Magazines

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014

Last year for my birthday/Christmas (they’re very close) I was given some gift cards and some cash (sweeeeet), and I did something different with it: I bought two magazine subscriptions: National Geographic Traveler and Real Simple.

I LOVE magazines, and getting them in the mail every month or so is like getting another present all over again. Magazines are great if you only have short chunks of time to sit down and read, and I find they often inspire me to seek out books to read as well. Real Simple has book recommendations in every issue, and Nat Geo Traveler will often include book recos related to the places they are featuring.

Of course, you can use the library for magazines, or only buy them when a particular issue strikes your fancy, but I’ve found the subscription to be one of those little splurges ($10-20 for a year) that gives me a ton of happiness.

Get it:

Nat Geo Traveler: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, National Geographic. P.S. When my kid’s older, I’m totally getting him the Nat Geo Little Kids magazine, but I do not promise not to hog it!

Real Simple: Barnes and Noble, Real Simple

Do you subscribe to any magazines? Have you ever?

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